Kim Oostvogels

Kim has a solid interest and experience in all aspects of business process management like customer experience design, process design, process improvement, personnel planning, organisational design, ICT alignment, performance management, quality management and risk management. He focuses on structuring and supporting organisational changes with a specific interest in the human factor. The balance between building a new future through projects and excell in current operations through formalised processes defines Kim’s playground. He guides managers and their teams through ambitious transformations. Kim is the driving force behind centre of expertise ‘People & Organization’ at management consultancy firm Möbius. He recently published his book ‘Zeal: Beziel je Organisatie’, offering organizations a guide to inspire and coach employees, colleagues and managers to do better (


Abstract: The Z.E.A.L. model – Awaken the soul of your organization

The environment in which our organizations operate is changing quickly. Our society is facing tremendous challenges. Agile organizations are part of the solution. The Z.E.A.L. model situates agile organization structures into a nurturing context to enhance successful and sustainable results.