Bernhard Sterchi

Bernhard Sterchi is the founder of Palladio Trusted Advisers in Switzerland.  He is an expert in corporate culture and leadership development, with a strong focus on complexity oriented leadership. He is also the author of The Leader’s Fairytales, an online collection of stories where he uses his former career as an historical anthropologist to help discover and uncover aspects of human behaviour, groups and societies (


Complexity Savvyness as part of Agile Culture: The Amber Compass and the Cynefin Playing Cards


In its core, the Agile approach addresses the operating system of an organisation: roles, processes, routines etc. But when you talk about being Agile, Agile culture, scaling Agile, Agile outside of software, you have to address not only the operating system, but individual understanding and competence: how to think about a situation, how to deal with an individual case etc. Only this way can you prevent people from being slaves to the operating system.

At the core of an Agile competence is the understanding of complexity as the challenge to which Agile methods are an answer. The Amber Compass provides the essentials of understanding and dealing with complexity. It includes principles and activities such as Aligned Autonomy, Manage by Vectors, Distributed Intelligence, Adjust Granularity. In this session you will work in small groups and explore the Amber Compass yourself. You will do so playing a discovery version of the Cynefin Playing Cards, an interactive tool to build your complexity savvyness.