Colleen Johnson

Colleen Johnson is the Practice Director of Lean and Agile Transformation at ImagineX Consulting. Colleen applies a systems thinking approach to aligning agile methodologies across the enterprise and works with clients to apply the right cultural and context-driven practices to create sustainable agility. She is an expert in Lean/Kanban methods of iterative software delivery and advocates for LeanStartup principles using scientific methods of customer-centered discovery. Colleen is active in the agile community locally as a board member of Agile Denver and Chair of the 2016 & 2017 Mile High Agile Conference and nationally as a board member of the Agile Uprising Coalition. She is the CoFounder of, a free online tool for agile retrospectives. In her free time she enjoys running and yoga as well as camping and hiking with her two kids.

Abstract: Compound Agility

Agile efforts typically begin in engineering but become stagnant when they fail to expand to other parts of the organization.  This talk will explore the individual systems that must thrive for an entire organization to be agile. The four core elements that must exist for agility to scale with longevity and purpose are: alignment to strategy, customer-first values, lean discovery practices, and capacity for change.  We will take an in depth look at how each element operates with agile methods and what is required for them to evolve within the business. Gain an understanding of how to move beyond following practices in isolation in order to achieve harmony in the full embrace of reciprocal agile principles at scale.